Energy Healing

Energy Healing Session: $85 (in-person)

Throughout our lives, we have experienced emotions and trauma that can all be stored in our bodies, physically and energetically. Physical ailments are the manifestation of the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and stuck energy somewhere inside our bodies. During an energy healing session, I hold space for your body to feel safe in releasing this energy.

As the client, you lay fully-clothed on a massage table and I scan your energy field for stuck energy as I follow my intuition on where to begin to send healing. As the Practitioner, I open myself as a channel for universal healing energy. I may feel physical pain or emotions in my own body, see images, or receive information that guides us in releasing what no longer serves you.

*Pet Reiki is also available! Please contact me for your individual needs!

Distance Energy Healing: 1 hour session $75

There are no limitations on the distance that energy can travel. Have you ever thought of someone and then they called you? That is energy. And energy transcends time and space. I open myself to receive information to guide a healing session no matter where your location is. Just like in an in-person healing session, I may feel pain in my own body or feel drawn to release stuck energy in a certain chakra as I envision the client in front of me.

As the client, you will find a quiet space in your home or location you are comfortable. We will check in over the phone prior to the session, and you with focus on your breathing, while taking note of any feelings, sensations, thoughts, images, sounds that come up. Following the session, we discuss your experience and I share where my intuition guided me to work and what I felt.