Astrology is the language I never knew I needed to help me understand the things I always felt but never knew how to express.

Astrology showed up in my life at a time when everything changed and I felt completely lost.

Astrology validated my pain.

Astrology showed me I wasn't crazy.

Astrology showed me we are ALL connected and all incredibly unique at the same time.

1-hour Astrology Birth Chart Reading: $100

During an Astrology Reading, I tune into your birth chart to show you how the placement of the planets at the moment of your birth have influenced you and how the planets are currently affecting you as they shift around us.

I tune into aspects such as your personality, career, family, relationships, strengths, emotions, soul’s purpose, shadow side, and karma. We discover how the awareness of all of this can bring us into a greater understanding of ourselves and how we connect with others.

We uncover pieces of your chart where your deepest pain lies, bringing this into the light and validating your experience. We learn how you can use this knowledge to flow with the cycle of the planets instead of spending energy trying to control every piece of our lives.

In Tune with the Moon: $300 (includes birth chart reading)

As the Moon shifts zodiac signs every 2-3 days, we travel through the entire zodiac cycle in one month, experiencing a New Moon and Full Moon along the journey. When we pay attention to which sign the moon is in and the Moon sign in our own birth charts (our natal moons), we discover how to use this energy to increase flow and openness in our lives. We learn which signs give us the most energy and allow us to put our ideas into action. We learn which signs have us feeling more emotional, where we would need to create space to nurture ourselves. We take this experience and learn how to put it into action to live our lives from our hearts in a flowing open space.

This experience begins with an individual 1 hour long Birth Chart Reading, and then we move into a group experience in a private Facebook group where we track the Moon and her cycles, along with the shifts of the other planets that impact the moon and your individual birth charts. I guide you through this month-long process as we shift into a new openness and connectedness.

Family & Generational Healing with Astrology


Expansive Heart-Centered Business through Astrology

As the saying goes, “pain travels through families until someone is ready to feel it” (Stephi Wagner). Perhaps you are the one who finally feels it. Which means, you are the one to break all the patterns. And just as energy is not limited by distance, it is also not limited by time. We can send healing back into the past. We can cut chords on patterns that are still continuing throughout the family. By using Astrology, we take a look at your own individual birth chart as well as the birth charts of those in your family, including parents, grandparents, and as far back as we feel we need to go. Throughout this process, I follow intuitive guidance to receive information on where healing is needed, and we walk together through these birth charts to allow you and your family to have a deeper understanding of your family history and how to create a life that is free of any negative patterns, limiting beliefs, self-destructive behaviors, stuck emotions, and unhealed karma.

*Prices depend on the individual needs of your family.

Whether your business consists of one employee or hundreds of employees, Astrology can help bring flow into your work life. When we take a look at the cycles of the moon, we can plan ahead to create the best possible work environment. Throughout this journey, we take a look at the birth charts of yourself and your employees to see how we express emotions, how we communicate, what our strengths and triggers are. In all of this, we can create an understanding and connectedness to bring together a supportive team.

*If you would like to learn more about this service, please contact me and we can discuss the size of your business and your individual needs.