About Amanda Jay

 In 2014, a doctor told me I had Thyroid disease. I had spent my entire life feeling tired, but it wasn’t until it got worse that I really began to question what was going on in my body.

When I say things got worse, I mean all systems in my body were completely off. I would wake up in the middle of the night sweaty and itchy and thirsty. I frequently had trouble breathing. I was constantly exhausted.
I would just wish for the day to be over so that I could finally sleep. I was incredibly hungry all the time. I would gain 10 pounds in 3 days, and lose 10 pounds 3 days later. I reached a point where I had such severe brain fog that I couldn’t do the things I used to love. Reading and playing hockey. I couldn’t even focus on short conversations.

So I began avoiding people.

I had doctors upon doctors who couldn’t figure out how to fix me.

They gave me antibiotics. They took my tonsils out. Gave me more antibiotics. Suggested vitamins. Gave me inhalers. Sent me to other doctors. Gave me allergy tests. Took my blood. Sent me for x-rays.
The only thing that ever showed up in bloodwork was that my Thyroid was off. So I had an ultrasound on my neck and the doctor told me there were nodules on each side of my Thyroid. She said she was willing to bet the nodules would get bigger and then I would have to have a biopsy.

It was in that moment that my entire body just wanted to drop to the floor and disappear. The doctor who was supposed to help me get better was telling me I was going to get worse.

So I never went back.

And I stopped taking the little thyroid pill that was supposed to make me feel better but never did.


I felt completely alone.
I felt lost.
I felt like I wanted to give up.

I felt like death could have taken me away and I would have been completely okay with that.

And then I met a healer. Someone who had experienced health issues. Someone who believed in the healing power inside my body. Someone who listened to me.

Someone who heard me.

It was a second chance. I had energy! I could read again. I could play hockey again.

And ALL of this is why I help people in their healing journeys.
No matter what the issue is, it can be healed. We do NOT have to accept disease and pain as normal parts of our lives. We do not have to struggle through life.

This is my invitation to you to challenge what you’ve been told as the truth.
Our bodies are giving us messages on where we may be in need of healing.
You don’t have to sit in the struggle alone.