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My soul's purpose is to hold space for people to release their emotions.

I know this because I feel it in every experience I've had.

Through healing my physical body from disease, I discovered a piece that was deeper. That emotions are in our tissues. And how easy it is to just move from one thing to the next, never acknowledging the triggers each day can bring.

Our bodies remember pain and sadness and anger. And our bodies also can go into defense mode to protect ourselves. But really what this does is shuts ourselves off from feeling anything at all. And I know because I've been there. And sometimes I still fall back to that.

Reflexology and Reiki are two of the ways I love to hold space for people. To bring our bodies out of fight or flight mode and back to peace and balance.

I am extremely grateful for every client who has ever trusted me to hold space for them. While their stories spill out of them in my chair as I work their feet. And they release these beautiful tears as they lay on my Reiki table.

I hold space to say It's okay that you are in pain. It's okay that this happened to you. It is okay that you still feel sad about something from so long ago.

It is all okay.

I hear you.

I see you.

I love you.


Amanda Jay has many gifts! She is warm and welcoming. Amanda helps me figure out the planetary influences on my life, keeps my feet in shape with reflexology, and helps me stay aligned with energy work! She is also passionate about elevating the collective consciousness and volunteering in the community.
— Kesley
Amanda is a pleasure to work with. She is intuitive and deeply empathic. Thank you for being a light in the world.
— Chelsi
What makes Amanda special is her light. She’s patient. She has a natural nurturing side, that’s so comforting yet her strength is ever present. She is the best wellness coach that I know. She doesn’t make me feel like she’s trying to make me buy a car. She’s very genuine when it comes to helping people learn about self care. She is deserving of everything that she has, she should be well respected. When you meet her you’ll know what I’m describing. Thank you Amanda!
— Gretel
Amanda is absolutely amazing! She is incredibly gifted and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute I’ve had with her. She is so warm and welcoming. The first time I met her I felt as if I’d known her for years. You can truly see how much she cares when you’re with her. You’re not just another client to her
— Mary